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Artist Bio

Angela Goza
Memphis, Tennessee

Angela Goza (b. 1962) grew up in Richmond, Virginia where she won many competitions for young artists and attended the Governor's School for the Talented and Gifted. She trained at the Rhode Island School of Design and received her BFA from the Memphis College of Art in 1984. She is active in the Memphis art community, having co-founded ArtWorker's Union Local 451 in the early 1990s and has participated in various local art related fundraisers throughout her career.

She is a local artist with an international reputation, having lectured and shown her work in venues around the world, including England and Venezuela. She has an indomitable spirit, which has enabled her to overcome the debilitating permanent nerve damage to her right hand caused by an auto accident in the 1980s. To make the best of the situation, she returned to school to pursue a Master's degree (MFA, Memphis College of Art, 1993) and to learn to paint with her left hand. She is equally facile in painting and drawing, having worked long and hard to overcome her setback.

She currently resides in a Tudor cottage near Hein Park, where she lives with her charming husband, two dogs and a cat, a couple of bunnies, three dwarf hamsters and a Prairie Dog, who never leave her with a dearth of subject matter. They are all slightly neurotic, terribly individual and always amusing. Her current work, in both ceramics and painting, reflects her observations on the absurdity of daily life in the tradition of the Southern narrative.

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