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The "Dog Daze in Memphis" Public Art Project

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Memphis Humane Society, the society has produced 75 identical fiberglass dogs in the likeness of Buddy, who was rescued from the waters of Katrina three years ago sent to Memphis.  He is a three legged dog, which has made it hard to adopt him out, so the Humane Society has kept him as a mascot.

Approximately 75 local companies have paid the Humane Society $1500 to have a dog painted by a local artist.  The dogs have been clear coated for outdoor installation by Mr. Touch Up.  Angela was selected to paint three
dogs: one for Graceland, one for City Auto and one for the Humane Society, which, like the real Buddy, has only three legs. These three Buddies are shown below.

After the dogs were unveiled at AutoZone Park on July 12, they were delivered to their sponsors for them to display publicly until November 8. At that time there will be a big gala auction at The Peabody to sell the dogs to the highest bidder, thus raising more money for the Humane Society.

Be on the lookout for Buddies as you travel around Memphis.

Buddy Pictures