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Welcome to the licensing section of the Can I Keep It? world. It is a nice place where you actually CAN keep it, after working out the details of the project with us.

Our designs are not simply intended for pet products, but also for people products. They work great on ceramic, plush, clothing, packaging, posters and whatever else your little heart desires. Let's face it, we work hard to be fabulous and we will put all our energies in your projects.

We have learned a lot in our five short years in this business. We've underestimated our target audience. Our market research taught us that not only did our whimsical designs appeal to women and children, but also to young couples, men in their 50s and couples in their 70s.

Young couples love our Bad Hare Day© ware; men in their 50s love our dogs because they are cute without being cutesy; older couples like the way our designs bring fun into their lives. That is what we do best at Can I Keep It? We provide a bright moment in a tough world.

It's a fact. People love their pets; fat, ugly, slobbering with snarky manners and bad teeth. All of these things they would never tolerate in a spouse or a child.The Furry Godmother draws critters they way she sees them, and that seems to be what people of any age want. And as of this moment, we have placed products in the homes of clients from 5 weeks to 75 years. Some of these images can be seen in their homes at our "Adoptions" link.

Feel free to nose around the site. When you find what you are looking for or if you have an idea of what you want, contact Hud at 901-452-4700 or e-mail him at

Thanks for coming by to see us. Tell your friends about us and send them over, too. We'll always greet you with our big ole tails a' waggin'.
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